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Sisaket - Mercy Language School Students

Sisaket is a small rural city in the north east of Thailand, close to the Cambodian border. Mercy International/House of Mercy Foundation accepted responsibility for an English language school in Sisaket after its founders returned to the USA.

The school is highly successful, catering for school students as well as professionals and government workers. The school is well established and comfortably furnished with each classroom air-conditioned. It is located in the business heart of the city. An excellent curriculum for teaching English is used. Lessons run from 4.15pm to 8.30pm four days per week. Profits from the school are invested in the other Mercy International/House Of Mercy Foundation projects.

For further information about the school and conditions of service, view the blogsite:

Please also read Mercy International/House Of Mercy Foundation's Volunteer Manual (pdf).

Teachers working at the school receive a living allowance plus free accommodation.
Teachers who stay longer than a year receive help with airfares.

Nathwadee Thongphaeng (Boo) - Thai Manager
Nathwadee Thongphaeng (Boo)
Thai Manager
Cindy Sargent - Advisors/Teachers
Cindy Sargent
Sisaket - Mercy Language School Teachers
Sisaket - Mercy Language School Teachers