Agriculture Projects


In 2008, five acres of land were purchased to develop a small farm to assist with self-sufficiency. A special thank you to the generous and caring people who gave money to purchase and develop the land ready for planting.

Fish Farm Phrae

As funds were not available until December 2009, the land sat for one year before clearing, leveling and preparing the land could commence. A 500 square metre dam was also excavated to create a fish farm which was stocked in July 2010 with the purchase of 1000 fish.

Two hundred fruit trees of various kinds have been planted. A vegetable patch has also been established with small quantities of different vegetables grown on a trial basis. Long beans have been a real success.

As well as establishing the farmland, four acres at the back of the children's village have been developed to grow rice. This has been quite successful, especially in involving poor people from our community program.

One of the long term goals for the farm is to raise animals to improve our self-sufficiency.

Phrae Rice Field
Phrae Agricultural Projects - Fruit Farming
Phrae Agricultural Projects - Fruit Farming