Mercy International Projects

Mercy International continues to be involved in numerous projects throughout Thailand, rescuing countless children in crisis since 1985 and blessing surrounding communities in the process. Some of our projects include:

  • establishing childrens homes in Petchabun, Khon Kaen and Phrae;
  • developing a variety of ongoing agricultural projects that give local people new skills and help provide for the needs of their families and children;
  • starting an English teaching school which assists poor local schools with English language skills;
  • reaching out to local communities with food parcels and assistance to the poor and needy.

The map of Thailand to the right shows the areas where we are currently have various projects. The links below take you to detailed information about individual projects. Each project requires continuous funding and any donation or ongoing sponsorship you are able to give for any of them is greatly appreciated.

Petchabun/LomsakBan Meata Childrens Village
Meata Chanupatham Christian School
Development of Agricultural Training
Community Outreach
PhraeBan Meata Childrens village
The Biserka (Maree) Matic Memorial Playground
Agricultural Projects
Community Outreach
Khon KeanHome for HIV/AIDS Children
SisaketEnglish Language School
Thailand Map showing project locations