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Volunteer with Mercy International

Experience an adventure of a lifetime volunteering in Thailand with Mercy International/House of Mercy Foundation!

Important Note

Anyone wishing to volunteer with Mercy International, please note the following:

  1. All foreign volunteers coming to serve in Thailand for one month or more are required to have a police check;
  2. Teachers coming to teach English are required to have a police check, supply a copy of their passport and a transcript of their teaching qualifications;
  3. Read the Volunteer Information Manual so you are well prepared;
  4. Include a personal photo with your Application Form.
Teams and Volunteers

How to Get Involved - Become a Volunteer

Volunteering to help the poor and disadvantaged of this world has become an important part of western society. People from all walks of life are giving of their time and finances to help alleviate world suffering.

Mercy International/House of Mercy Foundation welcomes self-funded volunteers, whether for three months, 12 months, or even a lifetime commitment.

Take time to read both the Volunteer Information Manual and Requirements and Guidelines for Volunteers to prepare yourself for a life changing experience.

Teams and Volunteers

Volunteers Wanted

Download the Current Vacancies List (pdf)

Download the Volunteer Information Manual (pdf)

Download the Volunteer Application Form (Word doc)

Download the Return Volunteer Application Form (Word doc)

Download the Volunteer Requirements and Guidelines (pdf)


Get Involved in a Team

Teams and Volunteers

Mercy International/House of Mercy Foundation has always encouraged and welcomed teams and visitors. They play an important role in the lives of the children in their care. Teams bring the world to the children with all its wonders. The genuine love and care which teams and visitors impart to the children has an amazing impact upon their self-worth.


Organise a Team

Bring your friends and families and enjoy the fun, family atmosphere of Mercy International/House of Mercy Foundation's Thailand operations.

Team Members

Teams and Volunteers

Take time to read the Teams Information Manual and prepare to make new friendships and enjoy life changing experiences which could not be experienced staying at home.

All team members must complete the Teams Application Form and post or email the completed application to the Teams Coordinator at least one month prior to arrival date (all contact details are on the application form).

Download the Teams Information Manual (pdf)

Download the Teams Application Form (Word doc)


All visitors and anyone who plans to volunteer for a period of one to three months must complete and return the Visitors Application Form.

Download the Visitors Application Form (Word doc)